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Desktop Based Software Development Service in Bangladesh

Sailor Info Tech Limited has several years of experience in developing and designing affordable and effective software development & solutions for small, medium and large enterprises. Our professional team works for you in the case of development in accordance with business goals and needs. Our expert’s team leverages different technologies to takes life your novel software concept and migrate your business legacy system in to the framework of modern technology. We take decision simply with our station that software needs to support your process rather than your process changing prop up software.

From medium and small software applications to large enterprise grade solution, to keep desktop based applications to customer web-based software solutions. Our prop up team can assist your enterprise or business organizations to enhance the effectively and efficiently of your business process and tackle critical and complex issues of business.

Sailor Info Tech Limited also provides integration with a spread area of commercial and business applications from Google to others technological companies. To make a additional software development solutions, we give assurance for our quality including testing for functions and regression testing solution services that definitely assist in reducing significantly your liberate time cycle. Our method is highly collaborative to make sure that the ultimate final product will meet your business demand and goals. Your project can be accomplished via using your technological service and maintained by the international standard. All source code of projects and copyrights will go belongs to you. We can work also remotely or on site and it will depend on your demanded requirement & policies.

How Sailor Info Tech Limited provide collaborative process?

Our design and development for software solutions is collaborative, flexible and highly comprehensive. Our service includes some steps those are given below –

Step – 1: To understand your workflow, data, reporting, and security requirements needed.
Step – 2: Make monitor mock-ups to help the team imagine and purify the application’s look, feel, and purpose.
Step – 3: Work out a system straw-man that takes in the menu and direction-finding makeup as well as the screen gathering.
Step – 4: Develop a data diagram to make sure that all coverage stipulations can be met without obstruct system recital.
Step – 5: Document human being security necessities to ensure that the over and done with product will make happy your interior auditing assemblage.
Step – 6: Agree on a comprehensive receipt, testing, and accomplishment timeline before moving the organization into manufacture.

So if you think to make a smart desktop base software solution for your business you can come to right place named Sailor Info Tech Limited. If you think for us you are just few steps behind from getting all sorts of things you essential. We are thinking well about business because of we know each and every business is unique and they need specialized technology solutions to meet the success as per their business goals. Our team will take care you from medium, small to large scale enterprise custom software development solutions project.

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