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Cross Platform Software development services in Bangladesh

Sailor Info Tech Limited is here to make cost effective software development and solution services for Multiple OS platforms. We offers cross platform software solution services around the world for variety of operating systems including MAC, UNIX, Linux and windows.

Please take a look by given the breadth of our development aptitude, Sailor Info Tech Limited has developed a cross platform software development framework that permits us to successfully investigate and develop ground-breaking and cost-effective software solutions for our customers. There are some following steps are generally involved in cross platform software development, design and solutions.

Those are given below –

Research for Platform

Sailor’s design and development team will do research all the platforms for which applications are to be developed and settle on the potency and Achilles’ heel of each one. We will then determine the most excellent consequent come within reach of for the cross platform software solution and development program, known the necessary application functionality. Customer interface is confident for the duration of the make inquiries stage to make certain that all parties have the same opinion to an most advantageous course of accomplishment.


Our professional design and development team characteristically uses some approaches when developing applications for one or more platforms. This makes available utmost good organization for the duration of the development procedure. With this come up to, core functionality is communal between the applications living being developed. Core functionality is that segment of the program code that is platform self-governing and be supposed to therefore not be customized for the duration of the development course of action. This code characteristically includes original or frequent algorithms and other essential functionalities that describe the real meaning of how a curriculum behaves. This line of attack provides for most advantageous development good organization, in that it decreases the level of attempt obligatory, while make certain highest proximity between the two or more applications creature developed on poles apart platforms.


If the above subjects have been identified, Sailor will build up the software application on an intention platform in an approach that will meet the demanding could do with of our customer.

Quality Assurance

We incessantly test the software all the way through the development procedure. To make certain our buyer is up to date for the duration of the development route, we conventionally set temporary milestone that make obvious the advancement of the development. These small go down more often than not hold executable s, accompanied with let go notes that draw round key in advances, supplementary features and any exceptional or determined subjects seeing as the last plunge.

Acceptance Testing

In the time when we have accomplished our inner testing of a software application, we boat the software to our customer for recognition taxing, aforementioned to customer symbol off on the product. For the duration of this phase, the client contemplates quality assurance possessions on the product. Our professional expertise provides more than a few channels to distribute these drops to the customer securely and firmly.

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