Corporate Identity

Corporate Identity design via Graphics and Multimedia in Bangladesh

Sailor Info Tech Limited want to be your corporate indemnity partner via providing services for corporate identity design with the use of graphic and multimedia. Now a day’s most important is corporate identity for business. Who can show their business to the customer with very smart and innovative ways they are the gainer. That’s why Sailor Info Tech Limited wants the position as your partner via making your innovative corporate identity.

The tremendous opportunities provided by multimedia presentations and video communications require enterprise-wide standards as important tools to accommodate the rapidly evolving digital culture. As our professionals continues to strive for competitive advantages in the global marketplace, the systematic organization of reusable communication materials will result in the transformation of new economic assets (brand equity) that increase business value.

Video, especially, is experiencing resurgence as a business communications tool due to the emergence of new, alternative delivery methods. Examples include streaming video via the Internet and Intranet, direct broadcast satellite, video teleconferencing and video CD. Because video usage is steadily increasing within parameters, these standards will enable the effective management and leveraging of these communication assets globally.

Our professionals know all component graphic elements of the finished video program must be provided on a transportable media (CD, Zip™, Jaz™ or 3-1/2″ floppy disk). The graphic elements should be in one of the following formats: JPEG, GIF, TIFF or BMP. If none of these formats is available, then graphic elements should be laid off on Beta cam SP.

In the case of corporate identity service from us we are giving priority for a single creative idea harbors a strong force which, when cautiously developed, acquires the power to fastener and listeners, appeal to a reaction, even create new possibilities. We strive to permeate all of our imaginative ideas with such power in order to manufacture results clear of your expectations.

Our teams of inventive experts start on by gaining enthusiastic approaching into the brain of your market – what at the appointed time them to act in response, what drives them to take action. Their approach is ground-breaking; their ingenious solutions are exceptional. With an amalgamation of perception and experience, of creativity and matter-of-factness, Sailor Info tech develops convincing creative work that changes sensitivity.

We know branding influences corporate image and gives course for the corporate identity design. It is a marketing communications procedure – one that is intended, deliberately focused and fully incorporated. It conveys the real meaning, culture, character and reason of a company or product. It’s the spirit and soul of the brand name from which all external expressions originate. Building a brawny brand is priceless. It is the groundwork of your business marketing. It’s your quintessence, your bearer of news, your uniqueness. You have pay attention to the term “instantaneous recognition” – This is what our corporate identity branding can do for your corporation.

From the design of images, logos to corporate identities and brand systems, Sailor Info Tech Limited focuses on unifying, consolidating and delivering a steady communication as well as building scalable technical solutions for clients.